Sunday, November 7, 2010

Recruitment Process Steps

Main Recruitment Process Steps

The aim of the HRM Function is keeping the recruitment process design as simple as possible. The HR Recruiters should not forget about this main goal during the design phase of the recruitment process development.

The recruitment process is simple on the high level, but it contains a lot of interaction among different participants in the recruitment process. The HRM Function, the line manager and candidates need to receive and share a lot of information and their interaction is usually the main issue during the recruitment process.

The main steps of the recruitment process are:

1.Job Design
2.Opening Job Position
3.Collecting Job Resumes
4.Preselection of Job Resumes
5.Job Interviews
6.Job Offer
The job design is the most important part of the recruitment process. The job design is a phase about design of the job profile and a clear agreement between the line manager and the HRM Function. The Job Design is about the the agreement about the profile of the ideal job candidate and the agreement about the skills and competencies, which are essential. The information gathered can be used during other steps of the recruitment process to speed it up.

The Opening of the Job Position is generally the job of the HR Recruiter. Skilled and experienced HR Recruiter should decide about the right mix of the recruitment sources to find the best candidates for the job position. This is another key step in the recruitment process.

The next step is collecting of job resumes and their preselection. This step in the recruitment process is very important today as many organization lose a lot of time in this step. Today, the organization cannot wait with the preselection of the job resumes. Generally, this should be the last step done purely by the HRM Function.

The job interviews are the main step in the recruitment process, which should be clearly designed and agreed between HRM and the line management. The job interview should discover the job candidate, who meets the requirements and fits best the corporate culture and the department.

The job offer is the last step of the recruitment process, which is done by the HRM Function, it finalizes all the other steps and the winner of the job interviews gets the offer from the organization to join.source of this recruitment process website is

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